Taking the first steps in the field of Industrial IoT is not a trivial thing to do. Aspects, such as, connectivity , machine integration, operational continuity, reliability, robustness and many more need to be well-balanced in order to introduce IIoT in your plant.


This requires a structured and well-argumented approach in order to unlock its full benefits and potential like :

  • Manufacturing process monitoring and data visualisation
  • Manufacturing process optimisation
  • Energy savings
  • Plant performance overview
  • ...


In order to bring you up to speed with respect to Industrial IoT we provide consultancy activities tailered to your interest. As an example, it concerns :

  • IIoT training : What is IIoT and how does it fit in a digital transformation strategy?
  • Plant scan : Given the current plant situation, what added value can IIoT bring?
    • Performance dashboarding
    • Introduction of local/machine intelligence
    • Managing operator interaction
    • Energy balancing and optimization
    • ...
  • Preparing an engineering traject
  • IIoT integration with quality processes
  • IIoT integration with MES and ERP solutions


As Emerpoint has full control over the hardware and software of its products, custom variants can be made with the specific requirements for your projects. This allows to tune the products in function of your needs with respect to interfaces, CPU performance, mechanical integration,...

Electronics platforms can be build for low-volume applications as well as for high-runner integration in standard products.

Additionally, Emerpoint is active in an ecosystem with industrial and academic stakeholders allowing for an end-to-end solution for your digital transformation project.

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