“We make your machine connected!”

Emerpoint is specialized in bridging the gap between the machine and a cloud solution.


Emerpoint focuses on the introduction of emerging technologies into new applications.

As a specialist in the technological domain, it helps its customers to translate new technology into their products, services and processes. As such Emerpoint provides its customers with access to new technologies and supports them towards a cutting edge advantage in their market.

Additionally, Emerpoint scans for gaps and needs w.r.t. current solutions based on known technologies and evaluates continuously if emerging technologies could bring added value in solving things “differently”. By doing so, it aims to offer products that provide new solutions from an other perspective.

The main activity domain is related to the field of intelligent industrial IoT gateways which do not only provide in diverse communication means but also provide local intelligence to take autonomous and fast actions in function of changing variables.

The products and services that Emerpoint brings to the market are applicable in many industries.

About us:

As a Belgian company, we’re at the heart of Europe servicing our clients from our headquarters at Izegem.

We have a strong focus on electronics design and integration and master multi-disciplinary skills to integrate these electronics with mechanics and software in mechatronics applications.

Our main focus is an industrial B2B-market (eg. industrial machine building).

In order to assure the required competences, Emerpoint counts on more then 25 years of experience in the technological domain. This is strengthened by close relations with research institutes, universities, technical high schools and industrial partners.

At Emerpoint, we believe that we have a role to play in enabling private, governmental and industrial initiatives to reach the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations. At least, following domains have been identified in which our technology could have a significant impact.