Emerpoint is committed to offer cutting-edge IIoT products to its customers. By investing in the in-house development of intelligent and performant communications and machine controllers, it enables its clients to make the digital transition towards Industry 4.0.

Emperpoint manages the entire path from design idea through development, manufacturing and testing to product delivery.

Standard products:

Emerpoint is in close contact to the market to identify the subjects which are relevant for the company to work on and to integrate this in its product roadmap. The product portfolio is under continuous expansion. The base technology is presented below.

CMC Communication and Machine Controllers:

This product family bridges the gap between your machine and a communications network. It allows to connect to the network of the machine as well as to connect to a local wired or wireless network. The extended versions of the product also provide in 4G communication, making it an optimal solution for machines that are placed in areas where modern communication infrastructure is missing.

Additionally, the performant CPU allows to monitor specific machine parameters based on generalised industry-standard inputs. Based on these inputs, local processing and decision making can be done.

The HMI can be used by the operator to interact with the machine. As an example, this allows the operator to change machine parameters, select different operational modes or just get feedback from diagnostics or process output.

The CMC product family comes in different variants but targets following characteristics :

  • Modular CPU-platform : this allows to scale the CPU performance to your needs
  • 24V DC powered
  • 24V-based IO
  • Ethernet (1 or 2)
  • WIFI / BT
  • 4G
  • 802.15.4 based wireless communication
  • GPS
  • HMI (touchpanel)

This product family is industrialized in order to cope with the robustness requirements required for most professional applications. More to come, but do not hesitate to contact us if a standard, a “tuned” or a specific product would be of interest. Get in touch to learn more about our products :